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Mozambique is one of the most convenient options to add a stunning tropical island holiday to your time in Kruger National Park and MOST significantly, its a lot less mass tourism, large resort style holiday like Mauritius or Seychelles or the Caribbean.

Often you will find boutique style beach lodges, with a handful of suites on a tiny island, forming part of a larger archipelago of islands.

With daily flights from Johannesburg, or regular flights from Nelspruit, you can be on a private island holiday within a matter of a few hours of your safari!

Mozambique boasts the longest coastline on the African continent, over 2500 kms
(1500 miles) along the Indian ocean. Starting with the capital city in the south, Maputo, to the very northern point of the country, the Quirimbas Archipelago. Your typical stay involves a flight to a town on the mainland, and then a small aircraft charter, or helicopter flip to take you across onto the islands. Snorkelling, scuba, sunset cruises, marlin fishing and seafood feasts are the order of the day.

The most common islands we sell are Benguerra island, part of the Bazaruto Archipelago which is a short hop from the mainland airport of Vilanculos. This, is the favoured destination because it connects on certain days of the week straight from Kruger National park.

In the north, the islands of Quilalea, Medjumbe and Ihla de Mozambique, as well as Ibo Island are home to – a smaller, private island destinations. For those wanting a view into the fascinating Portuguese colonial history, Coral Lodge, Ihla de Mozambique and Ibo Island offer a lovely mixture of island holidays, with eco and cultural tourism. Down south is the capital city of Maputo. Thanks to a wonderful new highway, is reachable from Kruger in 2 to 3 hours (crossing at the Komatipoort border post. Often you will just stay in Maputo for a night, before taking an easy boat transfer to island resorts across the bay.

Our Kosher footprint in these islands is growing bit by bit, despite hardly any permanent Jewish population. The main food type is marvelous fresh fish caught daily, from the fishing charter boats that go out from the harbour areas. They are only permitted to catch with single rods, and not larger trawling nets, or even from the bow of a traditional dhow sail boat.

Parev is the most common form of Kosher catering, and if you are lucky a few Kosher steaks might be imported directly by the owner’s of the island resorts private chefs. Milchik is fairly easily available with advanced notice, but Chalav Yisrael involves importation and advanced notice.

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