Southern Africa



Regions include: Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, Kalahari, Damaraland, Skeleton Coast, Caprivi and Swakopmund

This huge nation, lies just north of South Africa, and west of Botswana. It is becoming the most popular destination on the continent. People wanting a country with a low population, huge tracts of land dedicated to conservation and national parks. Its also a great holiday if you would like to do a digital detox, or break from the world of media and contact with the office for a short while. Remote lodges in the most jaw dropping settings, offer limited or no contact with the outside world, unless there is an emergency.

It is most famous for its renowned desert scenery, and amazing landscapes and great safaris. Namibia, firstly has the highest sand dunes in the world, known as Sossusvlei, located arguably in the oldest desert in the world. Add to this the largest canyon on the African continent, Fish River Canyon. Etosha National Park is the third largest national park in the Southern African region, and is a semi arid landscape teeming with wildlife that congregate around waterholes.

Worthwhile stops include the Atlantic coastal town of Swakopmund, and just north of this places like Shipwreck lodge, on the Skeleton Coast. Come and see the only desert elephant and rhino in the world, in a region known as Damaraland.

See rare antelope species in the Red Kalahari, or 4×4 deep into the Erongo Mountains. If your budget allows, why not do a fly in safari between perhaps 3 or 4 major points, and save an incredible amount of time.

One important tip to remember, is that its a very large country (over 2000 miles north to South) which requires lots of driving between the major highlights, if your budget does not allow for the fly in safari style holiday.

Tourism that Cares is pioneering small Kosher group safaris to Namibia in 2020. Without any notable Jewish population, the small synagogue in the capital city, does not have a permanent Rabbi and according to conflicting reports has closed down. At last count in 2017, we estimate perhaps 60 to 90 Jews call Namibia their home.

Our heart is to at least bring back Jewish tourists, to this beautiful nation, where our sales managers Jewish family was born. For families or couples, not wanting to join our group tours, we can easily do a Sunday to Thursday fly in safari to Namibia, and simple add on a Shabbos at the beginning or the end, in either Cape Town, or Johannesburg ( both an easy 2 hour flight away).

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